The Sign of a Maker

From within the encompassment of this mind of mine is this drive to seek, to be an artist, to dabble in the sciences, to continue woodworking, to strive to be a machinist, to understand the depts. of the psyche, Ö Basically being what it is I am, a discoverer and a maker. 

With boundless imagination, I do.

In this encircling, I am not a spectator. It would interest me to do rather than to watch. If I could, I would perform the show rather than see a show. I would be the captain or the crew of a ship rather than go on a cruise. If I converse, it is deeply; for Iím lost in the shallows.

I collect many things, not for their value, rather to honor those who built them. I also wish to show these things so others can learn and enjoy.

I taught myself very much; so much so that much will be lost when I leave.

My life is better now than it has ever been.

When I was gainfully employed, I was way out of the ordinary. I loved what it was I did to earn a living.

Yes, Iím not ordinary.

I have no TV. The car radio has no pre-sets. The internet is following hundreds of makerís YouTube channels. The phone is just that, a phone. My PC is much more than a hand held device. Itís another workbench.

I literally write Ė tens of thousands of poignant pages.

I imagine, figuratively create, conceptually envision, and physically build.

I love, I care, and I charitably give of my talents.

I feel for those who wish to learn.

I show what Iíve found, done or built to enlighten others, not to boast; for this is what I wish from others.

I tell about me and what Iíve done to help others with ideas and deeds; not to brag; again, for this is what I wish from others.

They say my avocations are like work. I say, it is my peace, joy and love; for again, I love all my work.

I am far from boredom Ė I have many projects Ė enough to do for the rest of my life.

I think when Iím 98, I will still do what I do, even if it is only in my mind.

Once again, I say this not to brag, rather to entice others to do the same.  For you see, it's my religion.  And I believe God wants this for all of us.

This is me, a maker soul telling you, "The idle mind is the devil's workshop."

May you taste making at least one thing?  Be it bread, dinner, the bed; do it with happiness, peace and contentment in your heart.  The desire to learn; the joy of making; and the satisfaction of accomplishment; that's real life. 

Finally, if you must be employed, strive to find a job you love.

Peace be with you.


What did you make today?