Divide US by Two

I am aware there are people who are not troubled by this. However, I find it exceedingly disheartening when I hear about what is happening in Washington and the affect it has on so many. It is such that there is this divisive visceral hatred being spewed forth by the mass media. It is said this mess is attributed to the person that occupies the Oval Office who, on a number of occasions, expressed his beliefs about socialism. Personally I feel the ultimate outcome from this push for and against socialism in the US will result in some form of tyranny.

We the people do not know how to do socialism. Also, our standard of living and how we live is counter to the edicts of socialism. I feel this eventual disruption might end up resulting in some form of communism.

So, why is this? 

  1. When a plant is fed and watered, it grows. When something is subsidized, more of it becomes prevalent. 
  2. Socialism requires the force of government to be effective. This includes the enforced collection of obligatory taxes, and the enforcement of the edicts of socialism. The reason it may mutate into communism is socialism requires necessary force to counter resistance to socialism Ė the stronger the resistance, the stronger the force.
  3. Productivity inevitably declines. When something is taxed, the less of it occurs.

An glaring example of force is what I'm going to talk about.

The word "Communism" as I use it here is in actuality any monarchical system ruled by one or several people, usually men.

Every modern monarchical system that has ever existed has been formed based on the so-called good intentions of some form of socialism. The resulting foundation of all communist/monarchical systems is the control of the masses by a few people, not for the benefit of the citizenry, but for the benefit of those few. This has occurred more times in human history than one can imagine or have been told.

These few people who seek power and control have an unnamed disease very similar to pedophilia except it is deleterious to people of all ages, not just children.

A philia is a psychological disorder characterized by an irrational favorable disposition towards something.

People with an irrational favorable disposition towards power are labeled (?)


Does Trump have some kind of philia?

If he did, heíd be ever cognizant of public opinion. Instead, it appears as if he is doing what he can to get everyone in Washington all riled up against him.


Is Trump trying to garner power as described above?

If he is, wouldnít he drastically change his tune such that it would allow him to seduce others into giving him that power?

He does have this ability. He did build a significantly large empire based on pleasure and gambling. Despite all of the bureaucracies, restrictions, and regulations, he was able to build all of these pleasure palaces and playgrounds around the world.


If Trump had his way, what would he hope to gain from his presidency?

Well, it appears he has more money than he could ever hope to use. So, the next thing to gain is power over people. But the majority of politicians, the government, the media and the voters donít like him. So, what is it he hopes to gain?


It is easy to imagine what will happen when Trump is no longer president. Everything will go back to the way it was prior to January 2017 when he took office Ė and then even more so.

One can also imagine the stab in the heart so many felt when Trump said in his first state-of-the-union address, ďAmerica is never going to stand for socialism.Ē These ďmanyĒ are government employees, most politicians, most of the media, heads of very large corporations, most teachers and administrators in all levels of education, most of the young, most in the medical sector, Ö the list is quite extensive.

There are far too many people who believe in socialism. More than half of all voters who voted in 2016 wanted it.

Various politicians who advocate socialism claim that a way to implement socialism in the United States is to copy many of the economic institutions found in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. During the last presidential campaign, several socialist candidates paraphrased: these countries that consistently rank near the top of the world in happiness, human development and overall well-being, have highly organized labor markets, a national health system, universal welfare and relatively high levels of public ownership of capital.

Read esrv.net/Socialism.htm.

So, if a similar form of socialism happens here, it happens. The trouble is, itís going to hurt, and hurt a lot of people very badly.

These Nordic countries have basically had socialism for a very long time. They didnít have to go through the rigors of change because their citizenry were used to doing with less. The same is true for the UK and most of Europe. The people of these countries went from indentured servitude to socialism. So, it was a step up for them.

Along with a much higher standard of living, the United States has a different economic philosophy. To change this would be devastating for most people. For example, many people were both financially and medically hurt over the relatively sudden implementation of Obamacare. Now with its high deductible, itís far less Obamacare (ACA) and more of an expensive poor quality insurance plan.

Socialism would be a number of significant steps backwards for Americans. Most would have to learn to do with less simply because regulations and taxes would force them into lower standards of living. The reason is simple. Socialism is very expensive.

Socialism drives up the cost of labor. Ten years ago, one who had work done for $8,000 now has to pay nearly double. Labor is expensive in the US. With more socialism, itís going to get even more expensive.

Note. With the exception of food, the cost of goods sold here in the US is unrealistically inexpensive. This is because we rely on impoverished under-paid Chinese laborers in China to manufacture most of what we buy.

Iím now retired and I live under socialism. If what I said about socialism is true, then it was basically wrong for me to accept these monthly payments. But now I have to live under socialism. At the time I could have worked, but I felt I had little choice.

Those who depend upon these many and varied forms of government entitlements use the same excuse as I did.

Those who decide to retire and could afford to not accept Social Security gladly take it.

The point is, in the past, people had to work or they became destitute. With socialism as a fallback, it allows people to slack off such that they donít work as hard or not at all.

The problem with people like my wife and I is, if anything significantly goes wrong in our life with whatever we rely on where I canít fix it, we would most likely be financially devastated. Either that or we do like good socialists advocate and that is, pare down our lifestyle.

Again, those who do work, have to charge enough to cover those who donít work


Note.  I have no love loss for Trump.  He's not someone I look up to.  I'm only saying Trump as a person is not the problem.  It's his firm stance on Socialism is why the moderate Trump is hated!  The rest of the hate-Trump propaganda is merely superfluous window dressing.


A Tiny Bit of History About The 45th President

Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th president of the United States. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. Trump was born and raised in Queens, a borough of New York City, and received a bachelor's degree in economics in 1968 from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. He was able to successfully amass a significant fortune through a vast real-estate empire.

He took charge of his family's business in 1971 and expanded its operations from Queens and Brooklyn into Manhattan. His company built or renovated skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. Trump later started various side ventures, mostly by licensing his name. He owned the Miss Universe and Miss USA beauty pageants from 1996 to 2015, and produced and hosted The Apprentice, a reality television show, from 2003 to 2015.

Forbes estimates his net worth to be over $3 billion.

He was married three times to various high fashion women including the young exotically beautiful Melania Trump. It doesn't take much to understand that his wives married him for money and prestige.

Many people regard Trump as a brash uncouth unintelligent unsophisticated person who lives a hedonist life of decadence and excesses. It is said his vast fortunes were gained from those who could not afford what it was he sold. Many question why it is he can garner so many as his followers, labeling them as deplorables.

Todayís problem doesn't lie with Trump. Rather, significant issues are with Washington DC and the bureaucracy that has been entrenched for so long sucking the life out of this country. Prior to Trump taking his place in the oval office, this country was clearly on the path to bankruptcy. A number of significant indicators include the downgrading of the US bond rating, the US debt surpassing the GDP and over 55% of the taxes collected somehow or another getting lost in DC.

Many call Trump a scumbag. But it is now clearly indicated by the recent significant upturn in the economy that it takes a scumbag to clean up the mess. However, the whole political machine is against this manís efforts to do the job he was hired to do.

It has been believed the president of the United States has to be all things to all people. This includes being the moral leader of the people. However, the phrase "Thou shalt have no other godsÖĒ from the Christian bible has been one of the most violated commandment in modern times and what has led to the downfall of so many people and societies. Trump is a human and is far from being God like, much less a priestly person. But, compared to many of the politicians in Washington, heís a saint. Itís just that he is very much in a negative spotlight and has no bones about not hiding his true self.

From many years of personal experience, I know if he did not express his stance on socialism as he did, wouldn't he be perceived as another president with similar scruples as say Bill Clinton?

As for Trump as a person.  I cannot judge him because I don't personally know him.  However, I do not look up to him and envy his life.  Basically, he's not the kind of person I would like to be.

It is said by many who had to work with him or for him that he is a caring person.  This does stand to reason.  It allowed him to build a huge financial empire.  Of course, his attitude towards others could have been a persona.  But, I don't know. Instead I say, "Judge not less ye be judged."

Do I think he is improving this country?  As I said before, if we are going to have socialism, then the people who work have to generate sufficient income to pay for socialism.  If the significant improvement in my investments and the fact that so many people I know are now gainfully employed is any indication of Trump's leadership, then he is doing what he should - and I commend him for it.  If however these two indicators are a coincidence, then God help us all.  For you see, it will all crash again and again, and it will be for nothing as it was in the past.

Side question about the paradigm that ultimately rules our country:

What has Trump done about the country's debt - the debt that ultimately can never be paid back? 

Trump would probably offer the various debt holders pennies on the dollar to pay them off. 


It is this terrible game we are playing here in this country. It's ripping us apart. It seems through our anger, envy, gluttony, greed, laziness, lust, mean spiritedness and pride, we are pushing ourselves into some kind of constant fluctuating transitional state between freedom and communism. Then among all the pain, confusion and turmoil, charismatic but extremely ruthless and evil people will take charge, simply because we will be so gullible as to allow them to do so. Then the axiom corrupt people have corrupt leaders will be applicable.

S December 5, 2019